Saturday, 20 December 2008

My Country 1

2000 ……… My Country
I write the story & do the illustrations

Once upon a time, the sky of our country has been darkened.
A big snake covered our beautiful sun, spit out its poisons and wolves.
I shall tell you about the patience of the land and its people.
In the north there is KAKA AZAD and his beautiful wife NARGES.
From the middle land, the Grandfather Ali and his great library & AHMAD, the student.
Uncle ABDLLAH from marshes where the reed houses are.
From the south, FATIMA and the fish basket, and plants which are getting ripe.
HEALA, the beautiful girl who is living in the desert and in the colored camp.
Tips of palms, domes of faith still high, never been touched by the snake.
The Spirits of our dear people who protect peace in the vale of Pease.
Our dreams and hopes remained colored in spite of darkness and all poisons.

Prize 2000: Noma Concurs for Picture Book Illustrations in Japan

Color pencil

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